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Energy is a particularly difficult concept to explain. This set of booklets provides animations, with suggested practical work and other support. They have been developed to provide science educators with clear and consistent ways of talking about energy. Much of the material can also be used directly in the classroom to show key principles, from Key Stage 3 to introductory Post-16.

The booklets each have six sections, providing support for practical work, the animations (accessed by clicking on Visualising The Ideas) and further teaching notes and information.

Note that, with the exception of instructions on the animation pages (Visualising The Ideas) text is written for teachers rather than for students. Teachers will need to use their own means of providing instructions, such as practical instructions, and other information to students.

Health and Safety

For practical activities, the Science Enhancement Programme has tried to ensure that the experiments are healthy and safe to use in schools and colleges. It is assumed that these experiments will be undertaken in suitable laboratories or work areas and that good laboratory practices will be observed. Teachers should consult their employers' risk assessments for each practical before use, and consider whether any modification is necessary for the particular circumstances of their own class/school. If necessary, CLEAPSS members can obtain further advice by contacting the help line on 01895 251496 or by emailing

The resources focus on these key ideas about energy:

 Section 1: Temperature and energy
 Section 2: Energy stores and transfers
 Section 3: Conservation and dissipation

Click on the section titles to access the booklets.
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