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Teacher View Section 2: Energy Stores and Transfers
The previous section looked at the context of energy flows between objects at different temperatures. In this section, the booklets look at a wide range of different kinds of context, and introduce the idea that there are different kinds of energy store and different ways that energy can be transferred. Though there are many different phenomena, they can all be interpreted in terms of a single concept, energy, and just a few kinds of energy store and energy transfer processes.

The first booklet in this section (Hot stores of energy) looks at just one kind of energy store (thermal) and how energy can be transferred from this store by heating, or mechanically, or both. The subsequent booklets introduce other kinds of energy stores: how energy can be stored in moving objects (Moving stores of energy), in springs and in raised masses (Doing work to store energy) and in rechargeable batteries (Chemical stores of energy). In addition, they introduce other ways that energy can be transferred, including electrically and by radiation.

Booklet 06
Hot stores of energy
When energy transfers from an object at higher temperature then that energy can heat other objects, including the surroundings, or it can do mechanical work. So the hot object can be thought of as an energy store.
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Booklet 07
Moving stores of energy
This booklet’s activities show that a moving object, much like one that is hotter than its surroundings, can transfer energy. And again the transfer can produce heating or it can result in mechanical work. By stressing energy storage the common nature of energy in thermal and in mechanical changes is stressed.
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Booklet 08
Doing work to store energy
Just as energy can be transferred from a store, it can be transferred into storage. The booklet shows that springs placed under tension and masses raised higher above the Earth act as energy stores, and the principles are the same in both cases.
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Booklet 09
Chemical stores of energy
Energy can transfer from a battery (or cell) so that either heating takes place or work is done, or both. The materials here again stress that principle of storage, so that battery is seen as similar in behaviour to other kinds of store.
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